August 22, 2017

Why Should I Get an Energy Audit this Summer?

When the temperatures outside heat up and stay high for weeks, it’s easy for little things to turn into serious issues. For example, the upstairs of your home can start to feel like an oven or your basement might feel particularly damp and humid. While you might have been able to handle a day or two of that in the past, if the problems persist for weeks on end — it’s time to make changes for the long-term.

An Energy Audit — What is It?

When you go into the doctor for a check-up or take your car in to be serviced, you’re going to a specialist. You get information about what’s going on and are e able to proactively make any adjustments that will help to prevent even bigger problems down the line. Since you can’t exactly take your home anywhere, an expert needs to come to you. When a trained and certified energy auditor comes to your home,  they will conduct field tests to diagnose various home comfort, health, and efficiency concerns.


The energy audit will start with a visual inspection of key areas, particularly in the attic and basement or crawlspace. Then, a blower door test and infrared thermal imaging will take place to locate hot or cool spots which  indicate areas without proper insulation and air sealing. Finally, the performance of your home’s heating and air conditioning systems will be evaluated, in addition to combustion appliance safety testing. The results of these field tests will give you a clear picture of your home’s efficiency.

Reasons to Get an Energy Audit

When your energy audit is complete, you will be provided with actionable solutions to address any problems. So if that second floor is in fact too hot, or your air conditioning bills are dramatically increasing, making the suggested updates to your home after an energy audit will resolve your concerns for the rest of the summer and many years to come.


Making upgrades after an energy audit will make a lasting impact on your home, including:

  • Improving comfort whether it’s hot or cold outside

  • Enhancing your home’s indoor air quality for better health

  • Lowering your air conditioning and heating bills

  • Reducing your carbon footprint and environmental impact

  • Extending the lifespan of your HVAC systems and decreasing the chances of breakdown

  • Potentially increasing the resale value of your home

Don’t wait to get your energy audit — see what improvements your home needs for greater comfort and savings! Contact us to schedule yours today.

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