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January 2, 2018

During the more extreme seasonal climates, it can seems as though you just can’t quite reach the perfect temperature in your home. The upstairs can get insufferably hot in the summer, while certain rooms can be uncomfortably chilly in the winter.

It may seem as though a hot house in the summer and a cold one in the winter are brought on by different things, but often these problems can be traced to a single root cause. In other words, what is causing your home to be hot in the summer is also likely causing it to be cold in the winter.

Pinpointing the Cause of Home Comfort Issues

Your AC and heating systems aren’t necessarily to blame if your home seems to be uncomfortable all year long. Determining the culprit behind your home’s comfort issues requires a more in-depth look at your home. With a professional home energy audit, you can assess the overall efficiency of your home and pinpoint problem areas that may be undermining your home’s comfort and energy potential.

Blower door testing during an energy audit, for example, might reveal that there are many air leaks in your home, while infrared testing might reveal insulation gaps in your attic. An experienced professional can locate the root cause of your specific home comfort issues and then recommend tailored solutions to make your home more comfortable.

Air Sealing, Insulation & Heating Maintenance for a Cozier Home

Our energy audits often reveal that many homes need air sealing and additional insulation for more consistent indoor temperatures year-round. Air sealing closes holes and gaps in your home’s exterior which allow warm, heated air to escape during the winter (or to enter during the summer).

Proper insulation, meanwhile, controls how heat moves through your home, keeping heat indoors during the winter and blocking heat out during the summer. When your home is properly sealed and insulated, temperatures in your home will remain consistent regardless of what temperatures are like outside. When an inefficient or malfunctioning heating system is responsible for colder temperatures in your home during the winter, heating maintenance can help to achieve the home comfort you’re looking for.

Prepare Your Home for Winter with Greiner

If your home was hot this summer, it doesn’t have to be uncomfortably cold this winter. The experts at Greiner can diagnose your home and deliver solutions that will make it comfortable all year long.

Is your home prepared for colder temperatures? Contact us today to start weatherizing your home!

Keep your home warm and comfortable this winter!

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