May 11, 2018
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30% of people in the U.S. suffer from allergies.

No one likes putting up with symptoms like coughing, sneezing, and watery eyes, yet that’s exactly what people with allergies have to do when spring and summer hit.


  • Avoid spending lots of time outdoors when pollent count is high.
  • Use HVAC system at home to circulate and filter air.

Dust Mites

  • Cover your bedding with hypoallergenic covers and wash it frequently.
  • Dust and vacuum regularly.

Animal Dander

  • Install high-efficiency HVAC air filters.
  • Vacuum your home often.

Infections & Colds

  • Wash your hands frequently to avoid picking up an illness.
  • Make sure you get enough rest and eat a balanced diet.


  • Avoid smoking or secondhand smoke.
  • Limit your use of candles and other sources of open flames.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

  • Clean with natural products to avoid strong odors and chemicals.
  • Avoid using perfumes and other strongly scented products.

You don’t have to suffer at home during peak allergy season. With the right home upgrades, you can reduce asthma triggers inside your home for good.

Get an Energy Audit

An energy audit will reveal where outdoor allergens are entering the home and other issues that are harming indoor air quality.

Seal Air Leaks

Air sealing will eliminate holes and cracks where allergens like dust and pollen are entering the home.

Ventilate Properly

Clean ductwork and proper ventilation are essential for healthy indoor air. Have an expert inspect your ductwork and ventilation.

Want to get rid of allergies in the home for good? Call the Greiner experts! 


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