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December 16, 2022

With more happening over the holidays, there's often a greater need for an efficient and reliable heating system to keep any houseguests warm. And of course, no one wants to waste any of their extra gift money on high heating bills! As the local experts in efficient winter HVAC installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement, here are our best HVAC tips for winter in your Dixon, Davis, or Vacaville home. 

Change Your Air Filters

As the seasons change, so does the air, and with each new season, your heating and cooling system should get a clean air filter. Clogged filters will greatly reduce the efficiency of any system, making it harder to pull in the air needed to keep you comfortable. Utilizing the right MERV-rated filters will help you achieve greater energy efficiency and higher indoor air quality.

Clean Your Vents

It is a good idea to inspect any central heating and AC vents for dust buildup. This can alert you to any areas that are a particular concern for indoor air quality or areas of your ductwork that might be leaky, and provides a clean slate for your system as you switch from cooling season to heating season. 

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Many tabletop and family text chain debates aim to settle the age-old question: “What is the most efficient thermostat setting for winter?” But with smart thermostat replacement for your old digital or mechanical thermostat, you can leave that up to a computer. Smart thermostats automatically adjust to both your needs and your daily habits, finding the right settings to improve efficiency. Plus, they allow for remote control of your heating and AC system using your smartphone, so you can warm the house up on the drive back home from your winter vacation. 

Schedule Professional Heating Maintenance

Regular maintenance from the HVAC professionals at Greiner addresses necessary furnace repairs before they cause further damage that can lead to a furnace failure. Our services can also help keep your system running at peak efficiency, extend the life space of your equipment, and let you know when it's time to install a new furnace. Furnace maintenance includes:

  • Tightening electrical connections

  • Testing thermostat calibration 

  • Checking bearings

  • Inspecting the burner

  • Lubricating all moving parts

  • Checking the blower

  • Inspecting all safety features

  • Looking for signs of damage or wear

  • Evaluating pilot and gas pressure

  • Testing the system’s startup cycle

  • Inspecting the air filter

Add a Heat Pump for Hard-To-Reach Rooms

Do you have a finished garage, basement, or accessory dwelling unit like a she-shed or pool house? Mini split heat pumps make a fantastic addition to these types of rooms since they can operate independently of your central HVAC system and offer both heating and cooling. 

Prepare your Heating and Cooling System for Winter

If you are looking to prepare your HVAC for the winter, the earlier you can schedule professional maintenance, the better off your home will be when the temperatures drop. This ensures that your furnace is running at peak performance for the entirety of winter, improving your heating bill savings and reducing the wear and tear that your heating system endures. We even offer a yearly maintenance value plan to take the guesswork out of when to schedule annual maintenance!

Schedule heating maintenance with Greiner today! Call 530-753-1784 or contact us online.

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