May 30, 2017

Take a drive through Winters, Vacaville, Dixon and other towns outside of Sacramento, and you’re bound to notice the growing number of solar panels popping up. Many people are familiar with the vast array of benefits that can come as a result of going solar, such as energy independence and a dramatic reduction in monthly electricity costs. Add to this the environmental benefits associated with solar equipment, and making the jump becomes  a no-brainer.

Here are just a few reasons why incorporating solar technology into your home can help preserve the environment, all of which make a case for a better tomorrow.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Today, most people throughout California are aware of what it means to have a “carbon footprint.” We increase our impact on the environment every time we burn oil, order products that get shipped long distances or otherwise contribute to carbon emissions.

Many homeowners don’t realize that drawing electricity from the grid also leads to an increase in carbon emissions—according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 67% of U.S. electricity is derived from fossil fuels. By offsetting your usage of grid electricity with solar equipment, you can effectively reduce your carbon footprint while also benefitting from reduced monthly energy costs.

Improved Water & Air Quality

It’s pretty much agreed across the board that burning fossil fuels affects our environment negatively, but in what ways? More often than not, water sources and air quality are what really tend to suffer as a result of carbon impact.

Coal mining and drilling for natural gas, for example, can both lead to the pollution of water sources, often affecting drinking water in the process. Once emissions hit the air, they can cause breathing problems, neurological issues and even cancer in those who are exposed to large concentrations.

With solar (as well as other renewable energy sources), you can power your home while resting easy knowing that you’re no longer contributing to air and water pollution. 

Economic Benefits

Believe it or not, the renewable energy sector is actually more labor-intensive at the moment than work associated with fossil fuel technologies. Renewable energy is supporting thousands of jobs throughout the United States already, and as the sector grows, the economic benefits will only continue to expand. You may not think you’re helping to boost the economy by installing a solar system, but each new piece of equipment installed throughout the country makes a difference.

The future of renewable energy can be found in solar power, and the team at Greiner is your local solar expert. Contact us today to learn more about what solar can do for your home.



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