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October 13, 2020

Sure, it’s nice to know that the appliances and mechanical systems in your home are energy efficient and better for the environment—for many families, that reason alone is compelling enough to want to get away from the old, inefficient appliances they’ve been using to stay comfortable in their homes.

For many others, the issue of upgrading can come down to simple dollars and cents. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of a tankless water heater, and why it makes financial “sense” (see what we did there?) to upgrade your Davis, Dixon, or Vacaville home.

Tankless Water Heaters vs Tank Storage Water Heaters: How They Compare



First, it’s important to understand the differences between the two different kinds of hot water heaters, so that we can identify the areas in which you’ll see cost savings.

How does it heat water?

Traditional tank storage water heaters keep gallons of water constantly heated, waiting for the next time you need hot water, whether it’s 15 minutes from now or 15 hours. Tankless water heaters work by heating water instantly right when you turn on the tap, so you only heat the water you’re going to use. For this reason these systems are also called instant hot water heaters.

How big is it?

Tank storage water heaters are significantly bigger than tankless water heaters, since they need someplace to store that reserve of hot water. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, are much smaller and can be installed right on your wall.

How long will it last?

Another area where tankless water heaters shine is their longevity—your average on demand water heater will last approximately 20 years, roughly 2-3x as long as a traditional tank storage system.

So, How Much Do You Save with a Tankless Hot Water Heater?

Now to part you’ve been waiting for: How much do tankless water heaters cost compared to traditional heaters?

The reality is that they cost more, and the installation cost will likely be a little higher than if you were just replacing your tank storage system with another tank storage system. But your investment will pay off! Tankless heaters create less energy waste by heating water on demand, and last longer than traditional tank storage systems, the savings will add up over the years of use.

According to ENERGY STAR, a program run by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the DOE (Department of Energy), ENERGY STAR certified tankless hot water heaters will save a family of four on average $95 per year, or $1,800 in total over the lifespan of the heater.  

Find the Best Tankless Water Heater Installation Near You

With tankless water heaters, you’ll have access to continuous hot water, lower your water heater energy usage (which is the second highest source of energy use in the average home), and increase your home comfort. If you’re tired of running out of hot water, talk to the experts at Greiner today. We’ll get familiar with the specific hot water needs for your home and recommend a solution that will not only save you money, but leave everyone happier when they go to turn on the shower!

Start saving money today with the increased energy efficiency of tankless water heaters. Call or contact us to learn more.

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