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October 25, 2018

With this California fall weather changing its mind from week to week, how do you know which of your heating and cooling appliances are in need of proper maintenance? One week you’re using your air conditioner, the next you’re leaning on your furnace.

Fortunately, our master HVAC technician Danny has come up with a special offer for your home that takes the guesswork out of your furnace and air conditioner maintenance: Danny’s Double Tune Up!

Keep Comfortable, No Matter the Weather

With Danny’s Double Tune Up, you gain the certified and local expertise that Greiner brings to furnace and air conditioning repair, at the same time. No need to choose which of your HVAC appliances is most in need, and no more guessing what the weather is going to bring. Danny will make sure your air conditioner and furnace are both running at peak efficiency so you can stay comfortable all through the winter and into the beautiful California spring!

Why Should You Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance?

Your heating and cooling equipment may be out of sight and out of mind, but when you experience an unexpected HVAC breakdown it can be hard to forget. Over the summer, your air conditioner incurs months of wear and tear as it it battles the scorching heat. This can lead to loosened electrical connections, the development of leaks in your ductwork and refrigerant lines, as well as other inefficiencies that make your air conditioner more expensive to run and prone to unexpected breakdowns.

Similarly with your furnace, after a winter of heating your home it can sit dormant for the summer. As it sits unused, the wear and tear is exacerbated and your furnace may not be in shape to turn on as the dropping fall temperatures finally settle in. With proper maintenance of your heating and cooling equipment from the experts at Greiner, you can rest easy knowing you can depend on your heating and cooling equipment to provide:

  • All-season home comfort

  • Energy efficient heating and cooling

  • Dependable HVAC operation

  • Increased indoor air quality

Danny’s Double Tune Up—For Whatever the Weather!

Don’t leave the shape your heating and cooling equipment to chance. Make sure your furnace and air conditioner are running at their best, no matter what the weather forecast brings! Go with the local guys (and gals) at Greiner, and schedule your Danny’s Double Tune Up today!

Danny’s Double Tune Up takes the guesswork out of your HVAC maintenance. Keep your home comfortable for less, no matter the season! Call the local guys at Greiner—contact us today.

Been awhile since you looked under the hood of your HVAC equipment?

Danny’s Double Tune Up is all you need.


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