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July 13, 2018

You likely already know the key benefits of going solar — a reduced carbon footprint, lower energy costs thanks to free energy, and independence from “the grid,” to name a few. Solar panel installation has also become more affordable for homeowners, as the price of the average solar photovoltaics (PV) system has dropped nearly 65% in the last decade.

Did you know that installing solar panels on your roof can actually decrease the heat that your roof absorbs into your attic, and, in turn, the rest of your home? This fact alone is a major benefit of going solar, especially here in the hot and dry northern California summers.

Why Solar Panels Are So “Cool”

When you have a new solar PV system installed on your roof, you are creating a barrier that uses both solar absorption and reflection to your home’s advantage. Solar panels are composed of glass, silica, metals, and plastics, which are all considered more reflective than the wood and other materials that likely make up your roof.

So, in addition to taking on solar rays and turning them into emission-free energy, a University of San Diego study estimates that the reflecting properties of a solar PV system on your roof can lower the cooling load in your home by 38%.

The Air Barrier

In order to prevent your roofing from bearing a load it is not built to withstand, solar panels are installed on a guide rails system. This properly disperses the weight and separates the solar panels from the surface of the roof, creating an air barrier. This air barrier prevents any additional radiant heat from transferring into your home, keeping your home cool.

The Whole Picture

With less of the blistering California heat entering your home through your roof, you can count on taking fewer trips to the thermostat. Keeping your home comfortable will be less dependent on using your cooling system — and when that cooling system is running on free electricity from your solar PV system, that means more energy for the rest of your home.

Why Not Go Solar?

Solar panel installation can keep your entire home more comfortable and your wallet happier year-round. Not only that, but using renewable energy reduces your carbon footprint for years to come, and you can virtually remove any reliance on rising electricity rates from local utility companies.

Going solar is more affordable than ever, and the experts at Greiner can design the perfect PV system for your home. With a commitment to transparency and the highest benchmark-quality service, the Vacaville Reporter has repeatedly named us "Best Solar Contractor." Give us a call today to get started on making your more comfortable and energy efficient!

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