August 17, 2017

Can My AC Still Be Repaired or Is It Time for a Replacement?

Believe it or not, but we’re already well over a month into the summer. This means that the air conditioner in your Dixon, CA area home has been running overtime to try and keep you cool. If it’s starting to act up and you’re not sure what’s wrong, you might be wondering whether you should be calling in a professional for repairs or a whole new system.

Here are a few questions you should ask to determine whether your air conditioner can still be repaired or should be replaced entirely:

1. How Old Is Your Air Conditioner?

All equipment deteriorates with age. You definitely don’t own the same phone you had a decade ago, and when you purchase a new phone, you know you’ll only have it for a few years. Although an air conditioner is a larger investment than a smartphone, it also has a limited lifespan. Most ACs last about ten years, however, their longevity can be shortened or extended based on how well the system is maintained. If your air conditioner is starting to act up and it’s around ten years old, the smartest decision may be to replace the unit.

2. Do You Have an Energy Efficient AC?

Not all air conditioners are created equal. Some are much more efficient than others. If your unit is still relatively new, a high-efficiency model, and has been well-maintained, repairs are probably the best option. However, if you haven’t properly maintained your system, it’s not efficient and doesn’t cool effectively, then replacement should be considered.

3. How Much Would AC Repairs Cost?

While replacing your air conditioner for a new, energy efficient system certainly will be more than you’d like to pay, it’s often the most economical solution in the long-term. Repairs are often costly, and once you start fixing, it’s likely that repairs will only pile on from there. To avoid breakdowns and repairs, make sure your system is maintained annually by a professional.

Repair or Replace Your AC with Help from the Greiner Team

At Greiner, we understand that deciding between replacing your air conditioner or choosing to still attempt repairs isn’t always an easy decision. Our team of air conditioning experts will help you determine the right solution for your system and your home so that it fits your needs and budget.

Make sure your air conditioner gets you through the rest of the summer. Contact us to schedule an appointment for repairs or replacement today!

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