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June 30, 2020

It’s summer! That means that your air conditioning has been running overtime to try and keep you cool. If it’s starting to act up and you’re not sure what’s wrong, you might be wondering whether you should be calling a professional for cooling system repairs or for air conditioning replacement options.

Before you start asking, “How much to replace my air conditioning system?” or “How much to replace my central air unit?”, here are a few questions you should ask to determine whether your air conditioner can still be repaired or should be replaced entirely:

1. How Old Is Your Air Conditioner?

All equipment deteriorates with age. Most ACs are reliable for about ten years, however their longevity can be shortened or extended based on how well the system is maintained. If your air conditioner is starting to act up and it’s around ten years old, it’s likely to continue breaking down more frequently as it approaches the end of its life, and the smartest decision may be to start looking into new AC unit costs.

2. Do You Have an Energy Efficient AC?

Not all air conditioners are created equal. Some are much more efficient than others. If your unit is still relatively new, a high-efficiency model, and has been well-maintained, repairs are probably the best option. However, if you haven’t properly maintained your system and it’s not efficient, you could stand to significantly lower the cost of air conditioning your Vacaville home by upgrading to a new AC with a higher SEER rating.

3. How Much Would AC Repairs Cost?

While replacing your air conditioner for a new, energy efficient system may be more than you’d like to pay, it’s often the most economical solution in the long-term. One-time repairs cost less in the short term, but if you have to call the heating and air conditioning company in your area several times a year, that could quickly catch up to the cost of replacement over a few years. To avoid breakdowns and repairs, make sure your system is maintained annually by a professional.

When You Should Repair:

  • It’s a newer model with active warranties

  • It has a good energy efficiency rating

  • It’s been well maintained

  • It’s unlikely to need additional repairs in the near future

When You Should Replace:

  • It’s 10+ years old without active warranties

  • It’s not efficient compared to current models

  • It’s rarely been tuned-up or cared for

  • Repair calls are increasing in frequency & cost

Get Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement with the Greiner Team

Even knowing the above recommendations, we understand that deciding between new air conditioning installation or AC repairs isn’t always an easy decision and the answer won’t always be obvious. That's why at Greiner, our team of air conditioning experts can walk you through the average cost of replacing your heating or air conditioning system, so that it fits your needs and your budget. 

Make sure your air conditioner gets you through the rest of the summer! Call or contact us to schedule an appointment for repairs or replacement today!

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