High-Efficiency Tank Water Heaters
March 2, 2023

You’ve taken the time to insulate and air seal your home from attic to basement, upgraded your furnace, and installed smart thermostats. But is your water heater still the same old unit?

Water heaters are unfortunately one of the last energy efficiency upgrades Northern California homeowners make. Perhaps it's because they don’t realize that water heaters account for about 20% of a home’s energy use! Let’s check out the benefits of a new high-efficiency hot water heater.

Impressive Savings

With beefed up insulation and motorized dampers to control heat loss, high efficiency hot water heaters are an upgrade that will save you energy and money! High efficiency hot water tanks operate similarly to older models, only they take advantage of improved technology to reduce energy consumption. With few complicated parts and impressive hot water production for busy Vacaville and Davis CA households, a new high efficiency hot water heater is an excellent choice. 

No Special Venting Required

High efficiency hot water tanks can be installed right where your current hot water tank sits. No extra venting, no fuel conversions, just a simple swap out installation for immediate savings.

How Do They Compare with Other Hot Water Systems?

High efficiency tank hot water heaters are not as energy efficient as on-demand systems but there are other benefits. 

  1. More Hot Water Available High efficiency hot water tanks offer superior hot water production, allowing a dishwasher, washing machine, and a teenager’s shower to all have enough hot water at the same time. On-demand tankless water heaters on average only have a 2.5- to 5-gallons-per-minute output, which can limit simultaneous hot water activities throughout the home. Tankless hot water systems are typically gas-fired so if your home is not serviced by natural gas, you’ll need an expensive conversion. 

  2. Low Initial Cost High efficiency hot water tanks average about half the cost of a tankless unit, not including installation of high-diameter piping and exhaust venting required for tankless hot water systems.

  3. Minimal Maintenance Fewer parts mean less maintenance. If you’re a member of Greiner’s Maintenance Value Plan, you’ll receive a hot water tank check up each time we tune up your furnace. High efficiency hot water tanks are hassle free!

Qualify for Tax Rebates and Incentives 

The good news is you’ll save even more with tax rebates when the hot water pros at Greiner install your new high efficiency hot water tank. Starting this year, there is a 30% federal tax credit that allows you to save up to $600 for your new hot water tank! We can help you identify other local and utility rebates that can cut the cost down even further.

Use less energy and pay less money when the hot water’s running! Call (707) 678-1784 or contact Greiner Heating, Air, & Solar online today to learn more about high efficiency water heat installation.

High efficiency hot water heaters are smart investments.

Save more on your hot water costs!

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