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May 22, 2023

Summer is almost here and warmer days are just around the corner! Summers in Davis, CA have been getting hotter every year—is your AC ready to keep you cool in 2023? 

At Greiner Heating, Air, & Solar, we want to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient all year long, so we’ve put together this AC maintenance checklist. You can take care of many items yourself, but give us a call for an annual air conditioner tune-up to make sure your system is running just the way it should be. 


1. Change or Clear Air Filter 

Early summer is the perfect time to replace the air filters in your home—including on your air conditioner. Dust and debris tend to build up more throughout the winter due to so much time spent indoors. Making sure your air filter is clean before the cooling season officially starts is beneficial to your AC and health. Regularly changing the air filter on your AC will improve: 

  • The indoor air quality of your home
  • Energy efficiency & lifespan of your AC
  • Comfort with more consistent temperatures

Call Greiner if you’re not sure what type of air filter you have or how to change it. Our team of experts can help find the right air filter replacement and ensure it’s placed correctly. 


2. Check on Your Outdoor AC Unit

The condenser, or outdoor unit, for your air conditioner has been out with the elements all winter long. To make sure it’s ready for use, check it for obstructions or anything that can restrict airflow—like branches or landscaping. Your air conditioner’s condenser is what transfers heat from your home and can suffer from damage if it is turned on with restricted airflow. 


3. Get Rid of Dust and Debris 

Ventilation is important for the performance of your air conditioner because the accumulation of dust will make your system work harder than it needs to. In addition, dust and other debris in your vents make their way into the air you breathe, causing allergy symptoms and other health risks. Keep your vents clear by cleaning the blower motor on your air conditioner and consider using an air purifier or other indoor air quality products.  


4. Test Run Your AC

The last thing you want is your AC breaking down and needing repair in the peak of summer. Before the warmer weather really kicks in, give your air conditioner a test run. After a complete cycle, take note of anything out of the ordinary, like:

  • AC not starting
  • Strange sounds or odors coming from the AC or vents 
  • Warm air coming from the AC vents

Keep your notes, and share them with your Greiner technician during your AC maintenance tune-up. 


5. Schedule Annual AC Maintenance with Greiner

The importance of preventive maintenance on HVAC systems is often overlooked. Even if your AC unit seems to be working fine, there could be bigger issues waiting under the surface. Get peace of mind with HVAC maintenance and sign up for a Maintenance Value Plan from Greiner. As an MVP Club member, you can get benefits like:

  • 2 free precision tune-ups per year
  • Priority scheduling
  • 20% discount on repairs
  • 12-month repair guarantee

Our team of experts has worked on just about every type of AC—including mini split ductless air conditioners—and we can help you determine if your system is ready for the heat. Whether you need heat pump maintenance or an AC replacement, you can count on us. 


Schedule your AC tune-up today. Call 530-753-1784 or contact us online.

Is your AC ready for summer?

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